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Sorting, basics for a programmer?

Posted by EngineSmith on September 11, 2010

One of my favorite interview question is to write the simplest function to sort the characters in a string, no gimmicks, no tricks, just to see if the code is clean, compilable and easy to follow. i.e. a simple bubble sort will do, simple? Don’t laugh at it yet.

Surprisingly, there is a 80%+ failure rate (wrong algorithm, major errors in the code etc.) in the last 5 years within 100+ candidates, especially some very senior, architect level guys. Within the ones who finished it correctly, I probably hired most of them (of course, they have to pass other stuff too).

Several interesting observations:

  • Many senior guys got offended if they can’t get it right. The attitude shown is much more important than the question itself.
  • Most US educated engineers will use “merge sort” first (to be honest, the concept is simple, but the code is long, and many failed at merging two arrays of characters or recursions). Foreign engineers usually pick bubble sort, super simple, you can finish it in less than 10 lines.
  • So far only one guy wrote “quick sort” in front of me. He got it completely right, and can also briefly tell me why it is efficient. I think he is just well prepared, but still showed his efforts.
  • For some, sorting is such an alien concept. I wonder if I pick a guy from the street without any computer science education, he at least may be able to describe how he can sort a bunch of stuff. Many engineers couldn’t even start the thought process.

Here is an interesting thing about sorting, each algorithm has its own unique sounds!

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