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SSD Rules

Posted by EngineSmith on June 22, 2011

Deal with your own servers with freaking bad-ass disk I/O can save your infrastructure complexity and sometimes a life saver for a startup. We have been using Intel X-25E SSD drives as our only MySQL storage for a year now. And it is simply amazing and cost effective. If you want to make your life a living hell and deal with turtle speed I/O, tons of EC2 instances and constant fails, try EC2.

Here is a video talking about the big win of SSD. My favorite quote: “50TB SSD in one machine for $80K, and you can fucking skip sharding”.

2 Responses to “SSD Rules”

  1. Jeff Darcy said

    He’s off by *at least* a factor of two on the price. Go ahead, try to get 50TB for $80K, even if it’s cheap MLC that’ll wear out quickly. While you’re at it, don’t forget that you’ll need a few expansion boxes and extra I/O cards even to connect to it, and then that one server won’t be able to drive the whole thing any faster than it would be able to drive an equivalent number of rotating disks. Put that 50TB in ten servers and you’ll have something much nicer, but by then that $80K figure won’t even be worth poking fun at any more.

    • EngineSmith said

      I agree his claims were exaggerated quite a bit. Also in reality I doubt anyone can run a 50TB MySQL box. However, doing some research myself, seems you can get a very decent dual-six-core CPU storage unit with 192GB memory and 24x600GB Intel 320 SSD drives (14.4TB) for around $45K. I am not sure about the real performance of such things, but for a small startup, I guess even several TB is more than enough before they exit or die. 🙂 http://www.siliconmechanics.com/i31804/storage-server.php

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