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Redis rocks!

Posted by EngineSmith on October 28, 2010

Several weeks ago I wrote Redis – Cache done right. Since then, we deployed a cluster of 6 Redis nodes in Production. The result: simply awesome!

It was a smooth ride, billions of cache hits every day, very low CPU load. The application logic is super simple, no fancy locking etc required since list/set are native data structure with atomic operations. We implemented our own distributed hashtable algorithm (consistent hashing) to distribute keys into the cluster (borrowed from memcached’s Java client). Our MySQL database load has been dropped a lot, as well as we now caches lots of Facebook call results (since their API sucks, high failure rate, and average 2-10 seconds response time).

By the way, we didn’t use snapshot, append-only log etc yet. For now it is just a read-only cache. Later on we will use those fancy stuff as well.

The only issue we ran into was: we forgot to set maxmemory, Redis happily hit the physical as well as swap limit, and crashed the whole server. 🙂 Since CPU load is low, we actually now runs 3+ instances on each physical machine to form 3 individual clusters.

To sum it up, love this guy’s twitter.

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  4. […] Redis rocks! https://enginesmith.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/redis-rocks/ […]

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