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Grails – The Savor of Java Web Applications

Posted by EngineSmith on August 28, 2009

Let’s face it, developing web application in Java/JSP is really really painful, regardless which framework you work with. You got to restart your application server very often, for some simple Java classes or layout/configuration changes. But we are kind of stuck with it, since most of our domain logic are already written in Java, using PHP or Rails will require us to either rewrite domain logic, or expose them as HTTP services. Both sounds a bit crazy unless you got a web guru in house.

Finally Grails comes to the rescue, there are couple things which are just so amazing about it, you get the best from both world: the strictness of compiling language as Java for domain logic, the dynamics and convenience of scripting language Groovy. It is truly a god send:

  • The only thing deployed to Production is a web application (WAR file) which contains Java classes only. Everything runs in compiled Java class form. You do NOT need Grails or Groovy environment in Production. You got all the benefits of mature JVM: multi-threading, heap management, garbage collection and great scalability
  • Most things are dynamic loaded at Development time. So you don’t need to restart server all the time
  • Seamless integration with existing Java domain logic, Spring is native. Intellij IDEA contributed the mighty compiler which compiles Groovy file and Java file at the same time, and, you can debug Groovy class inside IDEA

Furthermore, Grails has tons of convenience stuff to make developers life super easier (like Rails), for example, they have a wonderful example which takes 10 lines of code to add full text search ability for a database entity by using Lucene. Those don’t contribute to my decision, but icings on the cake are just so sweet!

Unfortunately, Grails has too many code-by-convention stuff which makes it hard to be wrapped into existing big Java projects. There are some tricks and hacks we did to make it work, I will cover them in future blogs.

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